Domain Service Support

  • The domain service allows you to quickly update software on employees' computers and reduces routine.

Teamwork And Email Service Hosting

  • Teamwork often depends on how general systems work, we offer reliable teamwork and e-mail service hosting

File Server Service

  • We offer a complete solution for storing your company's data

Remote Desktop Service Installation And Maintenance

  • Remote Desktop lets you work efficiently anywhere in the world. We offer a complete solution for your company.

Teie veebileheküljede hostimine

  • Cpanel

VPN serverite seadistamine

  • OpenVpn

Veebikohtumiste süsteemi seadistamine

  • BigBlueButton
  • Office365

Serverite monitoring

  • Zabbix
  • netdata
  • Datadog


Application development and testing

In today's life is very fast that is why everyone should pay much attention of what is happening in the world and within the work environment. Apps help us get information faster and more conveniently. I provide application and solution creation services written in Java, Html, Css, JavaScript languages.


Maintenance and repair of low-current systems

Computer networks are changed every day, so we have to rememberthat network plans need to be updated too.At the same time, many buildings use old computer networks,which is difficult to maintain and upgrade due to lost plansand no one knows where the wires go and whether they are at all in use.This is why restoring and repairing low-current systems is very necessary


Design, installation and setup of WIFI access points

Wifi coverage is nowadays used in almost all buildingsand often the success and productivity of the company depends on work of wifi hotspots,that is why it is very important to be sure of the wifi coverage and that all devices work properly and are configured to be safe to use.


Low-current system maintenance and refurbishment

In the area of security and automation, solving non-standard tasks often requires a non-standard approach. Modifying and upgrading existing systems allows easy system use.


Equipment repair and restoration

Preventive maintenance is required to prevent possible malfunctions. Computer network maintenance helps to provide all network users trouble-free access to the network. Service involves monitoring network integrity and independently identifying and remedying causes of failure.


Maintenance and construction of public audio systems

Public audio systems are increasingly used in public spaces. The public audio system transmits information, music in buildings and public spaces such as shopping malls, schools, hotels, ports and airports and it is very useful.


Creation of 3D models

3D printing is the construction of a real object based on a 3D model created on a computer. Then the digital three-dimensional model is saved in the format of the STL file, after which the 3D printer, on which the file for printing is output, forms the real product. The printing process itself is a series of repeating cycles associated with the creation of three-dimensional models, applying a layer of consumables to the printer heated bed.